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Shrink Sleeve Labels


PVC:  The most commonly used material PVC is an easy film to be controlled in the shrink process. These perfect shrink rates have a wide range of qualities such as clarity, print quality, shrink temperature and shrink rate. PVC also has a high impact resistance for the extra air resistance.

PET G:  is shrinkable up to 78%. Due to recyclability of material, it is eco friendly.

OPS:  is shrinkable up to 70%. It can move together with the container it’s wrapped around. It is a perfect-match for products requiring squeezing such as hand cream and ketchup. Due to recyclability of material, it is eco friendly.

Our monthly average production volume has reached approximately 250 tons.

It can also be delivered as a sheet or roll as per customers request, as well as perforating, foil application, matte lacquer application and embos lacquer applications.

Shrink sleeve can add 360 degree visuals in your packages, With vivid and contrasting colors, you can make your product stand out and provide a more reliable product perception.

It can be used in plastic or glass bottles, jars and thermoform packaging with its structure that can adapt to all kinds of packaging.

The special glue used in the production of sleeve labels, especially in thermoform packaging, bowl group, is produced abroad and has a strong adhesion feature.

According to the packaging to be used, 3 main materials are used as 40 micron and 45 micron.

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