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By adopting that our most important product is "Quality", we aim to produce instead of control of quality.For this reason, we plan the production process from entry to exit and we focus on problem prevention studies and ensure that quality is born during production.

Olcay Etiket & Printing House; UV Flexo up to 8 colors in one pass, Screen Printing, Hot Stamping, Cold Stamping is capable of embossing and printing Emboss Lak combined with the latest technology machine with printing facilities numbered Turkey's production capacity.

To be able to enter production in 2 hours; By adding Kodak Flexcel Nx ctp and solvent plate finishing machines to its structure, it provided the ease of production to its customer very quickly. Olcay, which has a wide production range; There are 8 color flexo printing machines, as well as cutting, quality control, sleeve seaming  and quality control units.


To meet customer needs in a timely and desired manner.
Always to be a reliable company
Our main goal is not to be satisfied with maintaining our current situation, but to constantly improve.

Graphic Design

Our experienced graphic team and graphic department equipped with the latest technology can work with you to help you achieve the label that you have dreamed of. The documents you send will be definitely reviewed to be ready by our professional team before printing. If there is a problem, they will contact you to solve them.

Your approved works are prepared before printing (Cliche and mold) by passing through Computerized Control System. With this system, it is provide to minimize human errors.

The file upload tool is designed to speed up the order by allowing you to upload quickly and efficiently. It will guide you through everything you need to know about how to present your label work in three steps.

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